MumuHime’s List Of Trusted Bloggers


MumuHime’s List Of Trusted Bloggers

~Dea italiana di stile KOra~

Lanny Philemon

Stella Unbreakable (kleineraubkatze)

 Kayleigh Monroe

Gɪɢɢʟᴇs Bᴇʏᴀᴢ

~Blonde Ninja~

The Urban Queen   

Milla Crumb

Caoimhe Lionheart

Pearlistic Dimensions Blog

Kate Hax Silverblade
Bliss Windlow

Kawaii SLife

Others Thank Have Blogged MumuHime.

Galatea’s Blog

Veronica Dotterkelch

Sungyoung Jang

Marbox Firehawk


The Regina Blog

Blogger’s Info:

If you buy from MumuHime Clothing Store / MumuHime Poses (( poses/ props on 3rd floor)) or via the marketplace and blog it. Send us the link & add MumuHime, MHC, MHP, MumuHime Clothing and/or MumuHime Poses as tags, We want to see!! You will be featured on the Facebook ‘ LIKE ‘ page.  MumuHime likes for bloggers to have fun and to express themselves with her designs.  

If you wish to be on MumuHime Clothing’s Bloggers List information and app is below. If you don’t hear back from her in 3 days send a Note Card to Rainsong Graycloud and MHCAsst Resident. They will contact MumuHime. If you don’t hear back it’s not personal. Blog spots are limited in our group, we like to get to know our bloggers. That’s why this is a “Trusted bloggers” page. Also ‘ Real Life ‘ keep us busy just like SL can tend to do( or the net is being a bit%h…. T_T).  

Your blog will be reviewed by MumuHime Resident herself.  You must have group space to be a main blogger, you must have store logo on you blog site, Most of all you MUST follow the rules.

Rules and list can change at any time. MumuHime has the right to do so. 

Want To Blog MumuHime Clothing & Poses? Clink the photo to fill out the online app below please. 




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