Contact Info


    ღTia☯Sasaki ღ  MHCasst Resident


    Main MumuHime Clothing Assistant. 
Please leave her a detailed message via IM & notecard. She handle most basic customer service inquiries & all event NCs  are pass to passed to her. She’ll review  & send Mumu a copy via email. Give her 3 days to get back to you before contacting MumuHime Resident. 

Manager:  RainSong Graycloud

Facebook Page Supervisor: InuIchi Resident  

We try to get back to as many people as we can ASAP, but things can happen we all have RL & SL work. So please wait 3 days before contacting MumuHime. We Thank You for understanding.  Keep in mind you most put  “MumuHimeClothingINFO ” in the Subject box when emailing us or sending Note Cards, or you won’t get a reply back. Email MumuHime Below only if you 3 days have passes with no replay. For blogging in click here


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Second Life Fashion by MumuHime. Be About The Mixture…

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