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NEW RELEASES To get you ready for winter. One old Item coming back!

New wool Lolita coat with fur lining and cape hood. Made in Sweet colors with cute designs just for the holiday season.  Included with this set are some MHC_Snowflake Pantyhose in white.

There will be other styles for this coat later on. All with have a theme and Hud color sets of 4 in each so keep a eye out.

 Beautiful bright colors for the winter season! 


It’s back! This time both are in one!!!! 2 types of skirts for each, one with resizer and one without. One white snow dress and two hats. 




Ham and Rye Sand Wedge

The hunt may be over now, BUT these items that the lovely Cao Cao is wearing are now on sale!!

an chailín álainn

“After all these years, it’s still embarrassing for me to play on the American golf tour. Like the time I asked my caddie for a sand wedge and he came back ten minutes later with a ham and rye.” – Professional golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez

Ham and Rye Sand WedgeOutfit: Mumuhime, Cindo De Mayo *NEW* . Hair: Lelutka, Vibrato . Hat: LaGyo, Suede Sombrero .

Okay, so I am a moron. All these years I’ve been telling everyone Cinco de Mayo was “my people’s holiday,” no, I’m not Mexican, but I’ll jump on the expatriate for a day bandwagon like everyone else for a nice margarita and some fajitas. I mean, who wouldn’t? But I’ve also been telling everyone it’s Mexican Independence day. *el sigh* (did ja like how I threw a little Spanglish in there?) Cinco de Mayo serves as one of the more enjoyable events throughout the United States and in various…

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MumuHime – No Angel MESH SET ( W/ HUD )

SL según Veronica Dotterkelch

6Name: MumuHime_No Angel MESH SET ( W/ HUD ) INFO
Lose Crop Top Size: L-M-S-XS-XXS
Ripped N Lace shorts size: L-M-S-XL-XS

Outfits inspired by the lyrics are and urban looks for Beyonce No Angel Song

“Baby put your arms around me
Tell me I’m the problem
Know I’m not the girl you thought you knew and that you wanted
Underneath the pretty face is something complicated
I come with a side of trouble
But I know that’s why you’re staying

You’re….No Angel
Either, baby…….” Lyrics from Beyonce’s No Angel 7Hair by Ploom
Nails by ZOZ
Outfit by MumuHime

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Good bye & Hello!

SL según Veronica Dotterkelch

Days ago I discovered I wasn’t able to update the Flickr group I created for I Love Models, I found somebody else in my admin role and sadly there’s no way I get permissions back… recommendations: open a new group!
I’m working on new strategies to promote all your services, designs, art, etc … Make sure you join our inworld group for more info about our future plans, we’ll be calling models, photographers, writers, agencies and designers to join our “Proyecto Fotográfico”.

Proyecto Fotográfico 1
Proyecto Fotográfico 2


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Join SLX InSTYLE & Follow MumuHime!!

” SLX InSTYLE is a community designed by Designers for Designers with support services for bloggers, models & agencies, as well as for those that have an interest the essence of virtual fashion styling & creativity! ”  ~Athayus Q.

This site is a most have for SL Residents it’s made by the wonderful Athayus  Owner of Allure in SL. He has so much in store. You’ll love it, he’s a dear friend of MumuHime’s who cares about creativity & people  it shows in his own work.

Follow MumuHime



MumuHime_Otono Del Tejano

// Bra // Panties // Prim Ruffle Arm Pieces // Prim Ruffle Skirt //

Arm & Skirt prim come with a resizer!!!!!

Price: 245$L

Detail MumuHime Leaf texture included!

(( was added to the headband of Rain’s hair from Wasabi Pills‘s Amelie Mesh Hair reds pack!! You can find Wasabi Pills on MP look them up!! ))




Song played while drawing it -> El Chico Del Apt 512 by The Queen Of Tejano Selena…

MumuHime_Maria’s Autumn

“Would You Like To Know How The Leaves Got Their Colors Here?..There Was A Beautiful Women Named…Maria, She Would Dance On The Lake Of Glass Every Fall Season. One Day Her Lover Saw Her Dance & Heard A Song With No Words. He Soon Seen That The Leaves On The Trees Started To Dance With Her To The Song…The Leaves began To Sing. ‘My Maria Stay Gold’ The Leaves Started to Fall On her Making a Beautiful Gown. ‘Maria This Is Your Autumn..’ Her Lover Said. Can You Hear The Song?”~MumuHime poem

~MumuHime_Maria’s Autumn~

// Top // Pants // Skirt // Neck & Arm Pieces //