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~Limited Edition MumuHime_Rose Mistress Couture Gown~

Want to the story of the rose mistress?…

” Why is this dress so spacial you ask, How did she become a Queen, you say? You see The Rose Mistress was meant to be a rose from the very beginning. From the time she was born, from her name to her body & even her long hair it was all like a red rose colorful & smooth, but her life was as tough as the thorns of a rose as well. She was forced to become a mistress to many, they all believed they owned her. To them she was just an item of beauty a decoration at their arm an in their bed that they could brag about, but one day a handsome king from a far away kingdom saw her. To him she was breathtaking meant to be so much more…far more than just an item to be coveted. No to him she was a Queen! With beauty that at a glance could make you forget all the worries you carried in your soul. He wanted her not for just her beauty & body but for a heart & soul which he’d come to love & see was as pure & noble as could be. How could he make her see her real value how could he ever have her leave with him? 

Hearing of a shop where an old woman could make dresses said to have magic he embarked on a quest to have a dress made as beautiful as the woman he fell in love with, one that would make her see her true worth and have them be together forever. Once he arrived at the old women’s shop & told her of his love & his need the old women said to him…
“Leather for her tough life covered with silk for her smooth skin…ah ah one must not forget the white roses” bringing over white roses and pinning them in place he asked. “Why real white roses my lady?” “For her pure heart & soul young man the roses will become one with the dress…& she will see her beauty through your eyes…come back in the morrow for it” & he did. The old woman placed the dress in a box & told the king it could not be opened for anyone but the one he loved. The king understood and returned to give the dress to Rose. Once he found her he took her to the field where they had first meet and giving the box to Rose he said. “You are as beautiful & pure as you are tempting I want you to see my love and yourself as I see you, I want you to be mine in every way as I’m yours be my Queen leave this place with me” The moment rose opened the box and saw the dress she felt his love it was unlike anything she ever felt in her life. Roses began to fly around her as the dress caressed every curve in her body mixing into it becoming one with her just as she became one with him & his love…..

Beauty which all thought they owned like an item or toy yet with a single dress made out of true love, one man made her his forever….this is what made a Mistress a beloved Queen. They say it still has some magic even now…..even after more than 500 years….shall you come see for yourself…..?” Said the older woman sitting in a shop made of wood & store with a knowing smile on her face. ~ MumuHime’s Story of the Rose Mistress Gown.

( Beta read by Inuichi )Image

Made with the lovely RainSong in mind..


InWorld Store

Price: 1200Ls

*Mesh Corset: L-M-S-XL-XS. (Detail with lace, roses + Gold diamonds & Ruby Buttons)
*3 Mesh Rose headbands 2 Mesh Roses & Petals Hats.
*2 Partial Mesh Skirts (Roses + Roses & Petals. 


As a bonus you get The 30L *Come to me* Lingerie set FREE!!

Models: Rain Song Graycloud & MumuHime’s model avi