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MumuHime_Cute Xochitl

Comes in 5 colors
(Lime Green is a group gift. )
Each sold sold separately.


Tiany TM’s styled blog post
KOra’s styled blog post 
Mako chan review post






Now you can buy Wild Wedges in store for a awesome price.
 ONLY FOR MID FEET MOST HAVE SLink Avatar  Enhancements to wear!!
Keep a eye out for even more awesome MumuHime SLink shoes ~_^


KOra’s styled blog post

Britty review post

MumuHime_STREETS HUD PACK ( Tights ) IS HERE!!!!

Mesh: L-M-S-XL-XS

7 cities 3 faded 2tone colors for each 21 in all. 
Order of cities as follows:


Price: 750L

 ( PROMO PRICE 375 on Marketplace & InWorld for a short time!!)
Rain Song Graycloud ‘s style card in bag.



Veronic Roddenham 

Veronic Roddenham ‘s Style CardHair: TRUTH HAIR Anita – browns
Tights: MumuHime_Streets HUD Pack 
Shoes: CHICA BOOM East End Outfit – End Sneakers
Tops: ~SV~ Designs Cropped Off Shoulder Jet and Ivory
Lips: .:Glamorize:. New Occasion Lips
Tiany DM’s Urbstreet Blog Post!!!

Throwing Snowballs

The Lovely Caoimhe Lionheart blog while wearing my Limited Edition Dress Rose Mistress!!!

an chailín álainn

The aging process has you firmly in its grasp if you never get the urge to throw a snowball. ~Doug Larson

Throwing SnowballsHair: D!va, Giz . Skin: Glam Affair: Aria **The Arcade gacha** .

Drat, I started the day out OK, even was halfway happy with it, but then I ran into my darling friend Rico Mar ( ) on Facebook. He showed us his winning picture for Champagne Sparkling Fashion circa November 2009. The thing is, Rico and Seddy are the only two people in Second Life who knew my first avatar (long ago deleted and before I became an accidental model). So it got me to thinking about virtual aging and I realized this month I have officially been in Second Life six years! 2008, the year I graduated from the University of Florida, Fidel Castro “retired” (do Communist Revolutionaries actually retire?), Kosovo told Serbia “um NO!”, the…

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MumuHime_Rose Mistress Couture Dress (Limited Edition)

Veronic Roddenham has also took the time to show her way of wearing Rose Mistress!! Remember this is a Limited Edition only a few being sold so get it while you can!!

SL según Veronica Dotterkelch


Limited Edition MumuHime_Rose Mistress Couture Gown: ( Limited Quantities Available only on Market Place ) Price: 1200Ls

MumuHime Come To Me : ( Also comes as a bonus to Rose Mistress but alone is only 30Ls in store & on Market Place )

Wear it with long / short Vail, Head piece or Rose band… different styles in one gown!
Find it at MumuHime Mainstore or Marketplace 

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How the Leaves Got Their Colors

One my favorite bloggers is the lovely Caoimhe Lionheart. She has a way of making things shine & come to life. Such is the case for my poem & dress…

an chailín álainn

How the Leaves Got Their Colors Hairs: D!va, Kalli2

There Was A Beautiful Women Named…Maria. She Would Dance On The Lake Of Glass Every Fall Season. One Day Her Lover Saw Her Dance & Heard A Song With No Words. He Soon Saw That The Leaves On The Trees Started To Dance With Her To The Song…The Leaves began To Sing. ‘My Maria Stay Gold’ The Leaves Started to Fall On her Making a Beautiful Gown. ‘Maria This Is Your Autumn..’ Her Lover Said. Can You Hear The Song?” ~Poem by MumuHime

How the Leaves Got Their ColorsGown: MumuHime, Maria’s Autumn Gown


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