“If you’re only as good as the company you keep…then I’m blame you for what they say about me…..” ~Chris Brown X

*Hand drawn artwork by MumuHime!!* ~ *Mumu’s X line for MumuHime Clothing is inspired by the lyrics of Chris Brown’s new single X.*

Mumu is a artist 1st, this means she can feel & paint a picture of what a song means in her mind. Make a story out of it, that you may not have pictured yourself.

X (the song) starts off dark & flows into freedom of mind, place, time & people/person. The background lyrics says

“Free your mind let your conscience be free…” 

So that’s the root of this clothing line. X will only be in Red, Black & White colors.  

MumuHime Clothing LM

©X Line. MumuHime Clothing 2013-2014. All Rights Reserved


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