MumuHime_Divine Lace Couture Gowns & MumuHime_Divine Rose Couture Gown

Mesh Bodysuit with HUD! Sizes: L-M-S-XL-XS 2 Prim Gowns  1 Peach Petals

Come in other colors 2 dress each HUD. Pick you fave!

The 1st Mix & Match Divine Couture Gown Valentine’s day 2014 edition! It was Feb / V-day group gift. If you missed it you can now buy it!

Mesh Bodysuit with Hud!!!! Sizes: L-M-S-XL-XS
Prim Skirt With Mesh Roses / Petals
Prim Skirts in White & Red
Red Mesh Rose Petals ( can be a add on to the plain white skirt as seen in AD )
partial Mesh Rose Heart Hat

Get them all!!




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